One essential factor you should know about me Is my aspiration for writing. I love writing so much that it lives in the chamber of my heart . In my spare time I pull out my pen and paper and start writing. Writing books, poems, screenwriting,and plays is part of my life. Several nights one dream rerun every time I lay down. In the vision I’m sitting In a chair signing books with my name written bold in cursive on the front. What I want out of writing is to become one of the greatest. For someone to read my story and want to read more, expecting nothing but the best. It took a few years to actually find my gift as a writer I would get the best grades in English and on essays because I went above and beyond the rest. My writing spirit circulates through my body like blood. Instead of two pages I was writing five pages by the sixth grade that then told me I have found my gift. Writing relieves a lot from me, It’s my way to escape, it’s a feeling nothing else can give me. You can take everything away from me as long as I have my writing I will be fine. This is something I truly love without a single doubt I can do this and not get paid for it. Realizing what great words I have inside me I do want to pursue a career in journalism leading up to my rise as best-selling author and poet. What gave me a strong driven spirit to strive even harder was the author of the twilight book series and hunger games along with my all time favorite poet Mya Angelou. Watching the success of the three give me strength to move forward, do better, and succeed. Right now I am taking action and I am active in my writing every day. To take a look at what I am working on follow me on wattpad @arganise. If you don’t know what wattpad is it’s basically a site and app where you can write or read books and stories. My poetry book is in the link below I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out if you like it or don’t like it I would like some feedback on what more do you want to see. Also I am a teen so more of my content is reacting out to the youth In their teens but, as I get older I believe my writing changes overtime but, it gets better. Dreams do come true and In my mind I believe mines will.
Thank you ~Arganise💜

You should read “ARGANISE:LIFE OF A SURVIOR, WINNER, SUCCESSOR POETRY VOL 1” on Wattpad. http://w.tt/1GNLySy

Get the app now: http://www.wattpad.com/download


3 thoughts on “WRITING MY LOVE AND SOUL💜

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  1. Your positivity and passion is contagious.. They say if you do enough of what you love then some day you will make a living from it.. It’s not worked out for me drinking wine, but with your passion for writing you should well succeed. Keep on keeping on..

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