The Blood drips,

Tears drop.

Pain so intense,

You wonder why I am who I am.

Sampling me from every place,

You don’t make me only God.

Take what you have and run with It,

I am still one piece.

I am still whole,

Puzzled you thought you could break me down.

It’s not that easy anymore,

You though you stole something important.

Don’t mistake yourself for I am here,

The leakage you caused Is just a minor scratch.

Befuddled I know I will be patched up,

The band-aid won’t help but, god will heal me inside and out.

Standing up wanting to fight,

My weapon is the mouth.

Words kill and the words of kindness defeats,

For you will not attack with hatred in your heart.

I pray,

And you will pay the Price.



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