I’m at the   Bottom,
It’s a new path.
A new light to the dark cave,
This is what I’ve been waiting for.
A day like this I would savor,
I love the little sweet of happiness.
This time I start over from the beginning,
Will I ever make it back?
I have gained the strength from the enemies,
If I ever get a chance like this hold on.
God has saved me from the thunderstorms,
I always thought another blow would be my end.
I was down on the ground and only he lifted me back up,
When I thought I was alone he showed me he was there.
Whenever I cried he listened,
To me, this is sweeter than sugar.
I don’t feel empty anymore,
At night, he holds me and keeps me safe.
As long as he is in my corner I can make it,
For a long time I believed.
I believed I couldn’t,
I have failed myself before but never again.
Once I’m back there is no looking back,
It’s time, time for me to stand back at the top.


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