Sick Of Fear,
So sick.
It’s In my belly every day,
Scared of possibilities that can happen.
Every layer of brown skin shaking,
A dam Of Tears behind my hazel brown eyes.
When I release It falls,
Pouring down from my head to my toes.
So scared to go to sleep and to wake up,
The hand of fear is around my neck choking me up.
Gasping for air,
Gasping for peace.
I am weak from it all,
Vomiting all the fear out to make room for strength.
I’m about fed up with It all,
I have been pushed to the edge of the cliff and the devil want’s me to fall.
Hanging on to the ledge,
Wishing a can of spinach would give me muscles.
Thinking it over the only way to set me  free is to let it go,
I let go of the fear.
I let go of the ledge,
Falling down unexpectedly I rose up.
I flew,
I won’t be fearful I will be fearless

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