You have been on quite a run,
Win or loose you tried.
Wipe the sweat from your body it’s over finally,
Obstacles and everything you have brought everything you had.
When the sun comes up and the moon goes down I will stand,
Victory calls and screams for me.
It’s my destiny and I will fulfill it,
Hear my name see me stand.
I want you to smell the work,
Taste the fear.
Feel the sting you gave me,
See and know my success.
My legacy will live long and forever,
The marks I make the scars you see I want them to be remembered.
One day I will leave,
What I’ve done will stay.
Bite  your tongue,
Let it burn you.
Let it help you think,
Let it roll out your mouth.
Let it lift your hatred,
Let it put evil to rest.
Let it take over,
Remember me.


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