This is good,
This is great.
I know once I’m on the track I won’t stop,
This time it’s going to be a little different.
Changes have to be made,
This time I won’t fall as hard as I did.
I’ve come too far I can’t stop,
I  pray to get here.
God was sweet enough to do it for me,
When I ran out of hope.
He filled me back up,
I cried more than I believed.
He has shown me that he is there and that he is listening,
I believe more than ever.
When I thought no one was in my corner he was,
He was just waiting for me to stop trying.
He has covered me with a shield of protection,
Keep my faith high and unholiness low.
He has done so much for me and now I know,
He is there.
He was always there he isn’t going anywhere he loves me and I love him,


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