Just When I Thought Detroit Couldn’t Get Anymore Sick!

I don’t really watch the news anymore because it’s so depressing. To know every day that someone is leaving this world twist my insides. Mom watches the news every now but, I knew something was wrong this time When I heard her say “OH MY GOD”. I asked her what’s wrong she tells me that this woman killed her children and put them in the freezer. Instantly I wanted to throw up, I watch some crazy things on Tv, I love scary movies and tv shows like the walking dead that stuff is horrifying but, this is just twisted. These are not actors and the blood isn’t fake. The woman had three kids two boys and a girl. When the police found the bodies It was also discovered that she killed her kids one year apart. Media revealed that teachers and family members knew something was wrong because they weren’t coming to school. A few days ago she had a trial and she pleaded guilty. The woman was so heartless she had no regrets, no emotions, and not a care in the world about what she did. She also said if she had a chance she would do it again. This really left a mark on me emotionally I cried so much for those children. Then her explanation was so raw and extreme of how and why she did it. She killed her 13-year-old daughter for molesting her sons. What had me thinking hard is where did she learn to touch her brothers’s like that and Why should I believe a maniac that puts her children in the fridge without making one tear. She describes her children playing with their private areas, making the brother drink Windex, squeezing bloody sanitary napkins in their mouths. I was literally sick to my stomach. As the trial went on she explained exactly how she killed her children bu putting bags over their heads, hitting them, and hanging them with belts. I haven’t found out the rest because I couldn’t take it anymore images started to form in my head. It was sick, twisted, and heart-breaking. I thought no parent could bear burying their own child but, I was wrong it’s life. Everyone doesn’t have all of their marbles I pray every day that the world will be healed of things like this. I really hope the children rest in peace, bless everyone.


5 thoughts on “Just When I Thought Detroit Couldn’t Get Anymore Sick!

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  1. I havent read this news now im literally searching for this.. this is soo sick.. I really cant imagine how a mother who can do such things to kids.. even if they are on the wrong track taking them to a counseling or some other solution would do

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  2. It’s been such a horrible time. Just a few days ago, I heard about a woman who was pushing her toddler on the swings for 2 days! He died of dehydration and hypothermia. My heart breaks for that child and for all the children who endure suffering from the hands of the people who are supposed to protect them from all harm.

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