The Boy Talk

Alright teen ladies we have all had this talk before or I hope everyone has had the talk. It’s kinda uncomfortable to talk about with parents because it gets weird but, we gotta listen up. Teen girls you are beautiful every inch of you and don’t let anyone tell you different. We are powerful remember what we have, we have a gift well, I will refer to it as a treasure box. As girls are hormones go mad just like boys and it’s normal. We have to be smart about the decisions we make because there is someone after that treasure box. I’m not gonna go into the whole be a virgin or suffer speech because everyone does not turn out the same and think differently. I want to aware you of the things we come across just for having a treasure box. First off whoever you like, date, or end up laying down with be sure that the male partner respects you. Giving the respect you deserve can give you comfort. He is a gentleman, he won’t hit you, he likes you for more than your body, and he wouldn’t force you to do something you really don’t want to do. Don’t settle for less know your worth if you have a beautiful personality and someone really tries to get to know you they will see how rich you are. Sometimes guys think that the three letter word is the magic words into your pants, not all they might actually mean it.Most importantly love yourself first, you won’t care if things don’t workout you won’t depend on a guy for everything, and you can make it without him. Peer pressure plays a role in this too if everyone else is having intercourse then you can be possibly pressured into engaging in it and can be used as a reason to end the relationship, If you are not ready and you are being pressured into doing it than he has to get to stepping. If he waits it will be good for you and him, he respects your wishes of not giving up your body. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin, you don’t have too it’s your choice. Just ask yourself is this right. You don’t have to wait until you’re in your 40s and stuff, believe it or not, there is still special ladies who want to wait until they are married. I find marriage to be a beautiful thing. Take care of yourself no one else will. Watch your body protection and birth control can help keep you safe be safe as possible. You can get rid of a baby, but you can’t get rid of sexually transmitted diseases you can put your body in risk and on the verge of possible death. Not a lot of parent’s get excited to know they will be grandparents at an early age. I have made mistakes and bad choices before too I have had the conversation many times before and still did what I wanted to do. I’m young and dumb sometimes and I would feel even dumber if I sit years from now and say ” I wish I didn’t do that”. You don’t have to live in fear and not talk to the opposite sex you have a life just live how you truly want to. No judgement people make mistakes life happens be even more smart about your next decision. These boys aren’t going anywhere they will still be here after you graduate, get a career, and anything else you have your mind set on. And who says you can’t make all of those things happen with someone in your life? If you can then my hats off to you. No judgement to you my ladies don’t get offended we live and we learn it’s your life have fun and be safe my beautiful ladies.


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