I will show them all,

Doubting my capabilities of succeeding in the world.

Dumb is how they will feel once they see me,

All those things you have done and said will throw you under.

All the taunting and tears you have brought to me will be unforgettable,

And it will be me that will be able to sleep at night.

Cutting throats is not what I do,

Destroying dreams does not bring me joy.

You will join once you see that I have slammed the opposing side,

Not such a good feeling after all you will see.

Luckily I am a forgiving person,

How you have made me feel I will never forget.

Thinks bout all of those things while you see me receiving awards,

While I save other’s from the same pain.

While I’m being successful,

How ironic that I will get the last laugh.



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