Alot has happened since the last time I have made a post. Don’t worry it’s a lot of personal problems and difficulties with me not being able to post and connect with my closest peers. No excuses I will still deliever. Besides all of the mess going on my side I have had very little time to attend to my writing and In that time I have come up with exciting new ideas. My poetry had started to bore me so I added a new twist. I am writing from two views now. Ladies and Gents Meet Amari my other side. He is simply a character I created as a Male version of me with an opposite personality. Not only am I writing as Arganise but, you will also get to read the works of Amari. You will see the difference. This Is a killer I haven’t updated my books on wattpad for months I feel like such a dissapointment. Sorry I will make it up as far as things go I can say I have at least three finished they just need to be uploaded so look out for that my fellow wattpaders. Along with that I felt the need to think of Ideas to get my followers more interactive with me so I appeal to you more interesting in following my journey. With that being said I think everyone should participate In the discussion Post Im going to make. I have a lot of topics that I am dying to hear your thoughts. The discussion will be posted weekley I will ask a question and you will drop your answers In the comments. Adittionaly I will honor a poet or Author every month not all of them will be famous some will be the works of a complete stranger. I believe in admiring and supporting those who truly love their craft so I will also pick one of my followers as well. Let’s not forget my birthday is coming up August 24 VIRGO BABY! I will be 17 years old and what a blessing it is. On that day I will give as much attention to my writing as I can since I really don’t care about parties or gifts. Stay with me here I’m praying things get better.


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