Swung By Life

Swung by the grasp of life,Dirt all over.

With a crazy resume,

You feel like there is no need to picky up a hammer and nail.

Throwing in the towel,

Your going to get knocked out a lot.

So spit,

Drink some water.

Wipe the beads of sweat,

You are not done.

This is just round one so gain strength,


You can dodge,

But, can you take it?

Can you fall and get back up like the hits were minor.

There are endless rounds,

You will get a break.

It’s your chance,

To show internally.

Cowardly or Courageously?

Go ahead and cry it out.

Cry and keep going,

Think about the gold behind bruises.

There is good and there is bad,

Before you even think about giving up.

Remember how bad you want it,

Remember victory.



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