A Day At The Park

I am so heated right now about what happened today. Earlier I took my little brother mj and my sister Jalina to the park for some fun. While I was pushing mj on the swing my sister runs to me and says that a boy hit her on the butt. Immediately I had stopped pushing mj to confront him about harassing my little sister. Turns out he was harassing other girls older than him at the park. The little boy was short about a couple inches below my sister and twelve years old. Then I see he has an older brother so I talk to him about teaching his younger sibling manners and how to respect women. His brother just hit him that was it and then started to flirt with me. I walked away and continued to let my brother have a good time while I watch over him. I told her to stay away from him but, the brothers followed us. So, we continued to have a good time as if they weren’t even there. Then I look up my sister is slapping the little boy on the ground and he is crying. He hit her but, again and the eldest did nothing but, stand by. That really made me angry so I had to yell and scream at his brother and ordered him to keep his brother away from my sister if he can’t keep his hands to hisself because I was really close to hurting him but, I had to keep my cool because I am the oldest and I did not want to fight a twelve year old boy.  What had me worried was the fact that no parents or adults were around to witness what happened. The boy’s parents weren’t around and I want to be able to bring mj to the park without any conflict with other kids. The little boy had a mouth like a sailor and used to many sexual references I didnt know kids at his age would know about. Jalina is thirteen and doesn’t even know stuff like that. But, I thought about it long and hard I don’t know who is raising those boys or what they have to go through at home. But, I am protective over my siblings so, tonight I pray for those two boys and move on. Men respect women. Women respect men. Boys respect girls. Girls respect boys. Respect is earned so give and recieve. Disrespect  is consequential.

Goodnight to you all and sweet dreams. My prayers to you all❤️



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