My Biggest Inspirstion Eric Thomas!❤️


I’m so glad to share with all of you my biggest inspiration before Oprah and Mya Angelou. His name is Eric Thomas and he is the voice of a true successor. A real motivational speaker with actual passion and delievery skills. My favorite speech from him is ” The Secrets Of Success”. In his speech he talks about all of the things you must know and do to be truly successful. I love ET his words are so powerful and he speaks with authority without coming off as a preacher kind of voice. I really love how his messages are clear and informative with valuable information about life experiences. Eric has a real story he lived the life as a homeless man and now he is sharing his story with the world that is the exact place I want to be in years from now. I watched all of his speeches on YouTube you can also buy his merchandise. I recommend that teens and adults watch his videos together and feel the movement in your mind as he speaks. ET created a mental experience I have never had before and it’s the best experience ever. After watching his videos I am pumped and ready to keep moving forward. All I can think about is success and how bad I want it. One day I would like to meet Eric Thomas in person and tell him how much of an impact he has had on me. And share with him my success story it would be even more cool if I could share my poetry with him but, that’s a dream  I really want to come true.



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