Oh Thank You Lord

Today while I was cooking with my mother and sister my dad came home and told us that my little brother that had to go to the hospital because he got injured at football practice. I was so scared because I thought he had broken a bone or bleeding badly. When I went to the car to check him out he was still together in one piece not bleeding or broken. He didn’t speak much it was like he didn’t know what was going on. And he was shaking badly he couldn’t stay still. At practice one of the other football player’s helmet hit his collar bone. I didn’t see him cry and he showed very little expression of pain. The only thing that he kept talking about is how bad he was shaking. Mom took him to the hospital and got X-rays taken of his collar bone. When he came home I thought he was going to have a bag of medication or something. When he came upstairs to my room and I seen him well with a bruise on his shoulder I was relieved. He was still making jokes and being his regular goofy self. I asked him how he felt he said “Fired Up!”. It was defiantly a scary moment for me because I don’t like hospitals and who would actually want to see one of their loved ones In a hospital bed? Not me. So I thank  god for bringing him home so that he can rest and that he is okay. I never deny god’s work and never will. I have faith and I shouldn’t have feared the worst because faith is what brought me at ease and I should have let faith nurture me before worry.



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