College Fair Trip

Yesterday there was a college fair hosted near me downtown. My mom took me, my sister, and cousin to attend. My dream colleges are the University Of Texas and Texas State University I would be super happy to get accepted into either one but, I got a chance to explore my options. At the fair a lot of booths were giving away scholarships.

  Most of them were based on the gpa of your senior year and ACT or SAT scores.  Unfortunately I don’t have none of those things yet so I have a better chance next year. I take the SAT this year since the state of Michigan requires it now. It use to be required to take the ACT but, the state changed it because the SAT is a cheaper test.

  I’m battling in my head if I want to pay to take the ACT just to increase my scholarship chances lord know I need the money. I really don’t want to be in debt with student loads of have to borrow money.

  Overall the fair was fun I got to meet a lot of people from each college booth and ask questions. There was colleges from a lot of different states like North Carolina, Alabama, and Ohio. Sadly I did not see any colleges from Texas. The fair really brought it to my attention that I need to keep my options open and have a plan B. I know what I want and now to get it but, I should keep in mind all of the opportunities and other directions out there. There is something great for me I can feel it.



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