Discussion #6 How Do You Feel About Pain?

Me: Everyone has had some sort of pain but, the pain I have had physically could never measure up to the pain I have within. I love my pain and you want to know why? There is success at the end of pain. Pain is temporary not forever. I’m taking the pain because I want two things. Those two things are strength and improvement. I don’t want to go through pain for nothing. If pain is present I’m going to try to get everything I can from it and I mean everything. I’m not looking to numb this up just give it to me straight. Let me go through something and get something out of it. It’s my time now listen to me it’s my time now. I don’t sit down and shut up for no one. The thing is you know very little about my actual story. You don’t know because I haven’t given it to you raw. Well it’s about to get real because the real Arganise is about to stand up and take her place in this world. Arganise=Sucessful. There are no excuses why I shouldn’t be where I want to be a year from now. I can only fail myself but that word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. A nice self reminder “Don’t think about failing, occupy your mind by succeeding”.

Now readers please drop your answers and share what you think about pain internally. Have a day everyone.❤️



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