Drama Club

Yesterday me, my sister, and friend went to the first drama club meeting of the year. I’ve participated in drama at my previous school when I auditioned for a part in Seusical The Musical.  In the play I stared as a cadet cute military soldiers who fight and believing serving bread butter side up. 

   In that one year of experience of theatre I had the best time ever. It was nice to mingle and work with so many people of different talents. Each night was a bigger and better performance. Singing and dancing didn’t even bother me or the fact that I was the second black kid in the play. 

   I never had it in my mind to want try acting but, I wanted to try something new and it was an amazing experience.

    At my new school I can tell I’m going to have an even better experience just from the introduction of the club.

   We started off by getting to know what drama club was about. Then we had the option to tour the auditorium or play the games on stage. We played taxi cab a game where the driver picks three people up each with a different attitude and once they get in everyone has to act like that person. I had fun playing everyone laughed at me while I was pretinding to be rude to the cab driver. After I was done it came to me why I loved drama the first time I can enjoy being myself and other people. The other participants were so nice and welcoming. I will definitely attend every meeting I love drama club.



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