Help Me Out With This One

It occurred to me that I always run into someone who says   “I wish I never had kids”. The crazy thing about it is the people that say that have the number of kids in a range of 3-10 and even more. In my head I’m thinking if you really don’t like kids and you feel like it has ruined your life then why do you keep having them? Like you would think after the first one or two you would have know where babies come from so you can fix that problem. I didn’t here it from a teen mom more like women from their 20’s and 30’s.  You wait until five kids later to say I wish I never had kids? I’m not a mother so I would never understand this but, it confuses the heck out of me. I can only imagine the hurt a child can feel hearing that especially hearing it more than once. I’m just so confused about this. Why? Why? Why would you say that?
Some people  just sit and talk about how much better their life would be without children. You know that hurts because now you are making your children feel like growing mistakes.” I would have never had you if I took birth control”. ” I was dumb when I got pregnant with you”. ” I was going to go to Hollywood and become a famous actress but, I got pregnant with you and I threw all my dreams away”. Like you can never make them happen.  We didn’t ask to be here. I’m speaking from a child perspective so I don’t know it all. 
If you had one and it was tough why did you have two, three, four, five, six, seven, and more. Some parents don’t even know it you might think it was a mistake and your whole life changed but, that child can be a blessing. Your just doing your job well that is if you really want to but, truth is you don’t know who you are raising. You could be raising the next Michael Jordan, the next Dawayne Johnson, even the next president of the United States! Who knows? I applaud all mothers and fathers who had their kids and are doing the best that they can to raise them. Even if your child did not turn out the way you wanted them to you did your job! Because not every woman has the heart to kill a child and not every woman has the heart to nuture one. The truth is you can do all you can to raise your son’s and daughter’s a certain way but, in the end it is up to them who they become and your just praying that they make the right decision. It would be a horrible feeling if the one thing you thought was a mistake grows up and make tons of money, you see your child on tv, radio, and everywhere but, you realize that you treated him/her terrible. You abandoned them, talked them down, and gave up now they are more than you ever thought they would be. Pray that they have forgiving hearts because you just missed out. You wouldn’t even know you gave birth to success. 
There are women out there who want kids so bad and they can’t have them. Imagine the women out there who prayed that their body  could reproduce  but, they can’t. They would feel blessed to have a infant in their arms but, your sad and resintful. It’s understandable for teen moms. It’s hard raising a kid while you are still one. I know because my mother had me at fifteen years old. She told me all the stories and everything she has been through. I love her and she is a very strong woman for raising the four of us on her own. I pray for teen moms they are strong women too.  Some had their innocence take away from them and was forcefully impregnated.
The real truth is I don’t know you or your story. I watch and examine it just confused me. I’m not trashing moms I’m curious. I don’t know it all I’m growing. I love all of you moms. Weather you feel like you are a good one  or bad one. You can be the CEO of a company, The Top Lawyer in your firm, or even chief of police. None of those jobs can compare to being a parent. No promotion, no easy task, hard work, good and bad days. You find the reward.


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  1. Great post. My hubby and I couldn’t have kids die to a medical reason of my husband. But from what I seen over the years, I’m 52 now, is parents, as you said, are trying to raise their kids as best as they know how. Many of our friends have kids, but some have divorced having a baby??? Some just were never there and the kids run amuck and get in trouble. So I am a bit baffled about the whole kid thing. I do see their are some who shouldn’t have kids at all, but they keep having them. Oh what to do?
    I’m Italian, and my mom raised us with of the culture. We all help each other raise all our kids. It’s why most Italian family’s are so close.

    That’s my 2 cents worth. LOL.
    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂 🙂

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