Staying Focused

 So far the first semester is going great for me. Progress reports are coming up then report cards and I’m amped.  I also have to take the SAT this year the most important test score. I feel confident especially with the help I received at SAT Bootcamp. That score is going to give me the money I need for college just one more year! I vowed that this year through 2017 would be the years of me. The best Arganise ever to be exact. When I reach my goal I will focus on becoming even better. I vowed to myself that I’m going to give my 120 percent self to everything especially my studies. I’m going deep because I know exactly what I want now I have to put in the work to get there.  My grades are looking beautiful now and I’m going to keep it that way. I vowed to myself to shoot straight for a 4.0 gpa. I must do my best, I can do my best, I will do my best. Eric Thomas said “We live in a world were being smart isn’t good enough, it takes heart”. I have heart and all of the chaotic things that has been happening I can’t let it bring me down. I’m making history, I’m setting a tone for my brothers and  sister. I’m making a new legacy by doing everything that has never been done. I want this so bad that I can’t  stop thinking about it. This is what I wake up and bust my butt everyday for. This is why I turn my cellphone off and study. I want success! This is it for me I’m doing it now because I would rather live In a cardboard box before I think about coming back home. It’s not a pride thing it’s more personal. I will not ever come back to the hood. I will not leave nothing and come back to nothing. It’s something in me I know it I can feel it. It’s my time and the clock is ticking every second spent on greatness.❤️



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