Homework Helpers

I will hear this everyday at least once “I forgot to do my homework”. Then your grade goes down because it’s a day late. How do you forget? I know why some of us have busy lives, some of us have a thousand things on our mind, some of us are so tired that we go to sleep and just don’t do it, and some of us don’t care. If you are one of those people who just forget a lot is strongly encourage you to download the homework app. It’s an app that helps me a lot by sending reminders a day before the assignment is due and on the day it’s due. Why should you get this app? Well because you check your phone everyday anyway. Everytime you hear that notification sound you pick it up. Every time I wake up and I don’t see my phone I’m flipping the bed over, ripping sheets and blankets off, and tossing pillows. Then when I find it I check my notifications and go right back to sleep or get up and start my day. And if you are one of those people who just love to text ask one of your closest friends to set a reminder or text you to remind you that your homework is due. I will even text you and remind you I do it to my friends all the time. Yes I’m a lifesaver the sweet gummy kind yum! Bottom line is there is no excuse for failure. Young adults everywhere lets get this right.



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