My Facials Says It All😂

  Most of the time when I’m talking to my friends at one point during our conversation they start to laugh or giggle leaving me confused. All I can say is “What’s so funny I didn’t even make a joke”. There response is “Your face”. Now I know I’m not the best looking ,but I thought they were calling me ugly so I would come back with something like ” Okay so now y’all calling me ugly it’s alright I know I’m beautiful”. To clear things up my friends explained to me how I make several different facial expressions while I’m talking. This is something I never really noticed about myself until it has been pointed out to me more than once. At first I couldn’t believe that I make over a 100 different faces in a conversation. Of course I didn’t see it for myself until I went home to play with my camera and talked to myself while I snapped pictures to see my face. Excuse me some of these are not pretty ,but it explains the laughter. So what do you think of theses faces?😁😏



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