I’m Hype For Football Season

 This year I am so excited  because I love football,but my favorite sport is futbol/soccer. I’m also excited because my little brother is playing this season on the freshman team for the tigercats. So far they are undefeated and have already won 8 games. Rj loves support so most of his games me and jalina attend to cheer him on. The little freshman cheerleaders are so cute too, and of course rj agrees. The last game I went to was a Breast Cancer Game,it was Fantastic I’m so proud of him.

Speaking of Fantastic Football games MSU really did it this year picking up the win! I wasn’t surprised though both teams are good. Before the game it was hard for me to predict which team was most likely to win. In the end MSU wrapped the game up with a big victory.

I can’t forget about my boys The Detroit Lions! Coming back from a shakey season with a big win. Hopefully this will be a better year for them.

I’m just super excited I can’t wait to see what happens with my teams and this year’s super bowl. My football fans now is the time to stock up on buffalo wings, patato chips, and soda. Make friends with your couch or reclining chair and enjoy the season.

My Favorite Teams

1) Tigercats

2) Lions

3) Cowboys

4) Seahawks

5) Patriots

6) Broncos

7) Steelers

8) Buckeyes

9) Bears

10) Redskins


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