My Favorite YouTube Stars😝


 1) Dashiexp
I found dashie 3 years ago while searching for mortal Kombat story mode episodes. As I looked through the results, I came across one of his ghetto mortal Kombat episodes. Before the video was over I was on the floor laughing until I cried. To me he is loud, crazy, and hilarious. He swears a lot, but it’s his character and it makes his videos different. Sorry to all the Pewdiepie fans, but I think the desire is better. He has other channels under the names of NAHSON, Dashie, Dashiexp, Dashiexp2, and DashieGames. I love all of his channels, but my favorite is DashieGames which is his gaming channel where he post videos of him playing different games on every system. This guy always makes me laugh when I need it.
2) Tpindell
Tpindell is another hilarious YouTube comedian. He doesn’t swear much at all or get outrageous in his videos, but they are still funny. He has other channels, one of his sketches and the other is his fitness channel. I’m not really familiar with his fitness channel, I only watch his videos and blogs. Tpindell is one of those guys who will have you laughing constantly so subscribe.
3) Timothy Delaghetto
I have watched Timothy as much as I was dashie and Tpindell. You might recognize him from the hit Tv show Wild N Out with Nick cannon. He is one of my favorite YouTube stars because he has that real comedy quality. I love watching him on tv and watching his Vlogs staring him and his beautiful girlfriend Chia in his day to day life activities and adventures.
4) Spokenreasons
I have much respect for the famous YouTube comedian Spokenreasons for his great work and incredible acting skills. The first video I have ever watched created by him was “Asking All Them Questions” featuring other famous YouTube star Emmanuel Hudson. The video went viral and at school that’s the only thing kids were talking about and quoting. Then I started watching more and more of his videos and began to notice with each one he got better. This might explain his role in the movie “The heat” where he acted as a man named Rojas. Overall Spokenreasons has always been a man about doing bigger and better things and I won’t forget him.
Those are my favorite YouTube stars, who are yours?


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