My Soul Is His

I know that I am desirable

But, the devil wants me bad

More than any hound chasing my tail

He wants me to leave team JESUS to fulfill his duties

Well, I’m not going anywhere

I’m not making any moves for him

With him, if I play my cards right, I’m in for a life of blessings

With him my fate has flames in it

Then I will burn forever

To hell you go because I’m not following you devil

You have hit me in the back of the head too many times

I wouldn’t dare to betray the lord so you can’t have me

He has all of me and I am his forever and always

Stop using everyone to get me

I’m not signing your contract

As valuable as I am, I with being a much better impact on the world

For the good not evil

You may think you can win me over with money and materialistic things

I’m not a fool

I would never consider selling myself to you

With Jesus there is no price, it’s a reward to be one of his



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