With A Good Heart❤️

A few weeks ago a man reached out to me and asked me to write his wife a poem. She is suffering from cancer and he wanted to do something nice for her. Immediately I thought how romantic it was and I knew I had to do it. Then I received pictures of her to get a better image of who I was writing for. Just look at how beautiful she is and their cute dog. When I sat down to write this I started to cry a little bit. He loves his wife dearly and I had to try my best to put myself in his spot to write how he felt about her. It really made me cry because I lost my grandfather to cancer this year. I wrote poems for him that I wanted to read to him, but, before I could, he died on the same day I made them. I didn’t think he was going to leave me so quick. This really taught me something though. Give love while you can because you never know when will be the last time you can. I’m proud of the poem I wrote for her. I hope she loves it
Here is the poem I wrote:

My love of a thousand years

And a thousand more

You are more to me than the

bones keeping me together

I lay down only to soak

In your sugar

Honey, you don’t know what I

Would do without you

They say nothing last forever

,but our love will

Little do you know how

Make my heart jump

I look at you and smile

You are the reason why I have Faith

Memorable moments

I’ve found my other half

I’ve found my destiny

Others fell to their knees asking for

Money, cars, and promotions,but

I asked for you

You are everything I ever wanted

I smile because I know I can come

Home and hold you in my arms

I can kiss you

Remember our happy days

We did it together

I knew you were mine before I

Put that ring on your finger

Marrying you is my biggest accomplishment

I relive the moment every second

Just looking at you makes me my heart jump

I fall in love with you everyday

You’re my sugar and I have a rush

One thing is for certain, no matter what

You are mine forever and always

To the moon and back

My love for my queen is infinite

Baby I have you

My equation

So let’s love on

It will never stop


If you enjoyed this poem and you want me to make one to send to one of your loved ones email me at arganisec@yahoo.com I won’t charge you a dime. If you want your name on it, let me know. All I ask is that you share some of my work.

Special thanks to her husband for giving me this great honor of writing this poem for her.




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