First And Last

I gave you a warning before we became anything 
I told you how my life is
How important school is to me
How important my writing is to me
I can’t be your everything 
I have priorities and values
Not to mention all the other problems that occupy my time and mind
I don’t come first 
I’m literally at the bottom of my list
I can be everything to everyone else, but there is no one for me 
You don’t understand
I have to be a peach for everyone 
In reality, I cry almost every night
Headaches come and go daily
My feet hurt like crazy
My back is in pain
And I feel full
There is nothing left for me
No manicure and pedicure 
No video games
No messages
I get disgusted 
It doesn’t stop and it won’t
I’m a teen with no relaxation and a long way to go


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