So What

What do you mean?
This is me, it’s just not who you want me to be
I’m no phoney and I refuse to be called one
Your just upset because of who I am, but I don’t care
I’m happy, I love who I am 
So what if I listen to pop, rock, and country more than rap
So what If I don’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer
So what If I prefer friends of different colors
So what I fan girl over 5 seconds of summer
So what I like to pretend like I am a real reporter
So what I dream about the future
So what I blast Ed Sheeran’s in my ears
So what I love carrot cake 
So what I have male friends too
So what I came from the streets 
So what I don’t live up to stereotypes
So what I pick up the trash off the floor
So what my name isn’t common
I’m me, what are you going to do about it


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