Discussion #11 What Do You Like About Winter?

Me: I really don’t like winter at all. I lived in Michigan for years and when it snows it gets messy. I don’t care for snow because our car gets stuck in it, it makes you freeze, and it causes a lot of car accidents. I do think that snow is beautiful, but not when it’s 3-5 inches tall. I can say it is good for canceling school on the days you want to stay in bed and hibernate.
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4 thoughts on “Discussion #11 What Do You Like About Winter?

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  1. I too don’t like winter. It’s just because whatever clothes I’ve they get covered by sweaters and jackets and we have to wear a cap when we go out and I’m too lazy to dress up in I don’t know how many layers and then have the energy to go out too. So no winter for me. Though I like drinking hot soup on a cold winter night. 🙂

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  2. I used to like summer but nowadays I like winter. I like the fact that I can spend my time in warm intimate places such as cafes reading and talking to friends. I like to see a cold winter because it’s a confirmation that the global warming that will cause catastrophes in the world is still some time away. I love scarves and Russian style hats that I can wear in winter. I like the Christmas period even if I don’t celebrate it and I think that is far too commercial simply because it reminds me of happy times of my childhood. Ando of course I like hot soups too.

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