Discussion #13 What Do You Want For Christmas?

Me: Well, I don’t have a real materialistic request, but, for Christmas I would like for all of my supporters, viewers, and family to have a beautiful Christmas. Enjoy your families and embrace the love. My grandmother’s husband is in the army, so I hope that he comes home to her for Christmas. I pray that all the Heroes that served in the army will come home to see their loved ones. Who knows, someone may get a surprised marriage proposal. I pray that 1000 stories behind the eyes continues to get beautiful supporters and viewers like you. I have a list of wonderful people that just encourage me to write every day. You may not know this, but looking at your comments and likes brings joy to my heart. I don’t write based off of how many people look at it or what someone says is good or bad, this is sincerely the person I am. Honestly you guys, you have given me the best Christmas gift I can ever receive. I wanted happiness and this makes me happy. It may not be vital, but I thank each and every last one of you out there reading this. It took me years to get out of the fear of being judged. After I stopped running away from it and accepting the world for what it is, things became less draining. I hope all of you get everything you wanted. ❤️

Drop your answers in the comments. 


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