Interview: Christina Chatine (Author&Screenwriter)

Hello again, I hope your in the holiday spirit because I am! Anyway I’m excited to share with you another interview with a fantastic author. Me and the beautiful Christina Chatine author of “The Diary Of My Panties” and other great stories had a great conversation last night and here it is.
Arganise: When did you begin to write?

Christina: I’d say somewhere in my childhood lol. I have no idea of what age. Maybe I was a writer at birth who knows what my little mind was thinking. 

Arganise: What Inspired you?

Christina: I’ve never had inspiration, it was something that was a part of me. Something like a birthmark…

Arganise: Where do you see yourself in the future as a writer?

Christina: I can’t imagine where I would see myself. God said my future is bigger than my imagination…

Arganise: How often do you write?

Christina: I’m not sure how often I write. I don’t have a schedule lol..

Arganise: If you could do anything differently what would you do?

Christina: The only thing I’d do differently is.. . Nothing lol. 

Arganise:  Who do you idolize?

Christina: I don’t idolized anyone but God, however I’m in love with Tyler Perry’s story.

Arganise: Any new writing or stories to come that we can look forward to?

Christina: I have over 20 movies a television show a few books and plays but you’ll have to wait and see :8 -)

Arganise: Any advice to young writers like us?

Christina: The advice I’d give is…. your success starts once you tell yourself – I Got This.

There you have it guys lovely words from Christina Chatine. I gotta say I was excited when she agreed to answer my questions, I felt like I won the lottery. She has been a true inspiration to me over the year. I remember sending her the first chapter of “Secrets Of The K’s” so that she could critique it. I love how straight forward, and passionate she is about what she does. All of her writing is meaningful and strong from her life experiences and adventures. Hopefully I get to meet more Ambitious and Sucessful Authors and poets. Till next time guys, have a great holiday.



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