It wants to use people for its own purposes
Make it bigger
Material form brings value to ourselves in the blur
We are lost in the pile of identifications
I already have everything I need, I just think I need it
No one can hurt me
Given observations
Add the meaning
What the meaning is, is up to you
If defined by what people say, you have given them the remote to make you feel good or bad
Your expectations can become a straight jacket for others
Trying to live according to society
There is a level of awareness, so you have created a path
Spending money on things you really can’t afford to create a setup

It can become a dysfunctional and has you in a grip
Don’t make it as your enemy
An entire new layer of problems will form
~ArganiseIt holds you back
No, we stand in our way
We block success
It’s a false sense of self
You board who you are by the views of others
To have a self concept in your mind of who you are by what you are externally
Behind the sensual deception
Once you become aware, it diminishes
The inner voice is blocked by the outsiders

It blocks access to the deeper thought of knowing
Go into the stillness in yourself
You say “What do you think”
Find self discovery
The real work in your life is to continue to work on yourself
That can’t happen until you get still
You are the awareness disguised as a person


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