Discussion #18 What Do You Think About Racism?

Me: I honestly believe that racism will not leave this earth, no matter how much we fight against it. The key word racism, so not just a black and white issue. The definition of racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
It means different things to different people. As an African American female I have learned to accept who I am and not expect everyone to accept me. It may be because of skin color, even though it should be because of what I contain as a human individual. For that reason I don’t believe everyone will get it. Some won’t believe that we are the same. I can’t do anything about that, it’s and unjust world already before I was born. I’m not saying I have to accept being treated poorly or talked to the wrong way, I’m saying I’m not the only one and it’s not the only time that’s it will possibly happen. I want people to like me for who I am and if they don’t I’m fine with that, but I can’t force anyone to like me.
There is a lot you have to deal with being apart of a different race amongst a large amount of other races and in that situation I conduct myself like a young lady. Everything isn’t always about what he/ she looks like. Most of it comes from the majority of what a race does. Say 8/10 black people robbed a store, and to some their instinct would be to not trust the others.
I remember going to a new school where most of the students were Caucasian. They assumed my name would be something like Shaniqua or something else until I said “Hi, I’m Arganise”. My name has no official meaning and is not classified as what a lot of people call a “Ghetto Name”, but I created my own meaning. So when you hear “Arganise” what do you think? A lot of people assumed I was foreign because of that, but with a few sentences I was able to clear that up.
Racism scared me honestly because I can’t tell if it would get better or worse, but it won’t go away. I love everyone equally, everyone viewing this right now I love you. I wouldn’t care if you were orange, purple, green, black, white, Asian, whatever I love them all. Have a beautiful day❤️
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  1. racism (and acceptance) is a learned thing, something that children are taught by their parents through actions and words. I believe (and hope) that with each passing generation it will dwindle down to absolute non-existence.

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