Discussion Question #29 What would you do If a friend back stabbed you?

Me: If a friend back stabbed me, I would cut him/her off immediately. My first reaction honestly isn’t acting mature because when I get hurt by someone I thought cared about me, I tend to go off like a ticking bomb. Then I would just avoid contact with that ex friend because he/she obviously doesn’t care or have my best interest. Not everyone deserves that title friend or best friend. If that person has always been a true friend and is sincerely sorry than I will forgive that friend and move past that hill together.

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7 thoughts on “Discussion Question #29 What would you do If a friend back stabbed you?

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  1. It’s happened to me and we are no longer friends. I have no tolerance for back stabbing a**holes. This person was my roommate, and I was going through a rough time (I suffer from depression, anxiety, and a slew of other things) with not being happy at work and whatnot. She lacked any kind of empathy and decided to badmouth me to mutual friends. She even told my husband (boyfriend at the time) that he could do better. I was also quite upset at him (and still get that way when I think about it), because he kept that information from me for some reason and it only came out when I mentioned what other friends had told me. I guess he thought I’d never find out? I don’t know, but when I did I was done with her. I wasn’t the only person she’d badmouthed so at least I wasn’t alone, but you betray and we’re over. I give people a LOT of chances, but she never even acknowledged that she’d done anything wrong.

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