While I Have The Chance

I want you to smell the flowers now
I want to be with you now until the end
Until I can see you again
There isn’t an expiration date on your forehead
I don’t know when will be the last time
I’m concentrating now
I’m focusing now
I’m loving you now
Forgive me for all of our bad episodes
I’m saying sorry
I don’t want to wait until it’s too late
I want to hold you again
Know you are loved
I refuse to live with a grudge in my stomach
I want to hear your voice
See your smile
I don’t wish to be the one who cries with regret at your bed
I could have done this
I should have done this
I wish I would have done this
Only if I knew, I would have done things differently
I would have said I’m sorry
I would have asked for forgiveness
No, fix it now


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