Discussion Question#30 In a Relationship How Do You Want To Be Treated?

Me: I know every guy is not perfect and I can’t expect too much from a guy, but I love romance. The stories I have read and real life couples who still admire each other through romantic acts has given me hope that the old fashioned romance still exists. Yes, I like old fashioned romance. I would love to get flowers, even when there is no special occasions and be surprised. Money does not move me and I do not believe romance always has to involve a wallet. A candle light dinner would just be perfect for a hard working day or maybe a song from the heart. I love writing so even a cute note or poem will impress me. But, what really impresses me is a guy who knows how to take care of himself with compassion and drive to want more out of life. I want to be treated with solid respect, no one who will try to detach me from my independence and degrade my value. I like having my own things, to me depending on a guy to take care of me is just foolish. He will have to respect my independence and never try to stand in my way of wanting to succeed. I don’t want to be controlled by a guy like I am his property. If you are too possessive I will leave without a doubt. I am a queen, but I don’t need to be spoiled or showered to know that. I know that I am a queen because I rule myself and will not let any guy overthrow me of my power as a young woman. If I don’t want to do something I don’t want a guy to force me and put pressure on me because of his thirst for a woman. He will respect my decisions, it is my body, if I want to wait for marriage, he will either wait or leave. It doesn’t matter to me.I wouldn’t want a guy to call me out of my name or compare me to other females in a bad way. If you can’t respect me, how do you expect me to respect you? The truth is I don’t invest my time and emotions into someone who is going to take it for granted.

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