Here I Am

Hello everyone I hope you have been doing well and if not, I hope things will get better for you. I miss writing a lot and I’m actually surprised at how long I have gone without posting.
Life has been good and I have been super busy with a lot of things. School, college, work, work and my own work. It’s more challenging now because of how much responsibility there is in my bucket. It won’t be long until I step into adulthood, but even then I won’t stop writing. I will keep writing until my hands are wrinkled, dry, and can’t move anymore.

I love all of you and I may have been absent due to a lot of my priorities, but as soon as you think I’m gone or giving up BAM! I come back. I don’t stop working, I am constantly doing something productive because I have a dream. Dreams don’t come true by just wishing.
It’s 12:46 am here In the state of Michigan and tonight I just can’t rest. I’ve gone so long without writing to the point where I feel empty. No matter how hard I tried to close my eyes, my body wouldn’t let me. I haven’t had time to myself so that I could focus on my own work. It’s been too long and that’s probably why my spirit has been crying.
Never again will I go this long without creating, inspiring, and producing. This is all I have and I will always say it because nothing else makes me more happier than this. I always appreciate my readers and fellow writing friends. You are all blessings. Have a great day everyone.



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