We’re All Fighters

To them it’s about competition
Who looks better than the other
Who can outdo the other
Who has more
Who receives the most attention
In these times, empowerment is absent and envy lingers

Most of the time is spent on wasting emotions on someone who doesn’t deserve you
Fighting and arguing for what?
Over someone who doesn’t care
If you have to play tug of war over someone, there wasn’t any care or love from the beginning
They’re just taking looking for a show

WWE and UFC isn’t good enough for them
They’re excited to see someone get hurt
Drama builds adrenaline
But, sometimes we fight the wrong battles while cellphones are recording

Someone is fighting to cure cancer
Someone is fighting to help the homeless
Someone is fighting to pay the bills
Someone is fighting for justice

Someone is fighting in the military
Someone is fighting to take care of their children
Someone is fighting for their life
And some people fight out of hatred, envy, jealousy, and attention

In that case we should all fight for good
We should fight for better
The real effective fights are the ones we don’t use with our fist



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