My Dream Home

My dream isn’t just dream because one day it will be a reality. If “Dreams come true” is a true saying then I plan to make it happen. My life as a teenager isn’t really bad so far, soon it will be just me. Like when a bird learns how to fly or like riding a bike without training wheels. You learn from your parents and when it’ your turn you fly and soar. My day of flying and soaring will come and I will be ready. I want to be happy, comfortable, peaceful, and mumble. I picture a big house with a lot of land. My mailbox far away as well as the neighbors. I feel crisp, warm and cool southern air. Insects bugging and dying in my presence. A tan and purple patio set with a huge swimming pool in the back. A home with hard wooden floors along with a fair amount of bedrooms. Luxurious bathrooms with stunning showers and bath tubs. The comfort of a loving living room for friends and family to enjoy. The most astonishing kitchen I have ever had, making cooking a wonderful time. A dining room with lots of chairs for tea and dinner parties. My bedroom, my sanctuary, my happiness wrapped in one. A tall bed so soft like sheep fur with beautiful comforters, sheets, and fashionable pillows. A big flat smart TV I love. Beautiful floors with a huge fluffy rug. One huge walk in closet for my closet. Ball gowns, wedding dresses, sleepwear, and everyday wear. Another closet for my shoes and accessories. Top hats, jewelry, bags, and shoes! Shoes! Shoes! and even more shoes! And finally a lot of windows to stare down at my kingdom which I have built off of pure blood, sweat, and tears. A huge game room for my entertainment. Darts, air hockey, ping Pong, pinball machines and basketball. Four Pacman game chairs and a love seat couch. Every game console that was ever made. A giant stereo for music to set the mood of my amazing home.



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