Discussion Question #37 What Do You Like About Fall?

Me: Fall is my favorite season of the year so, I love the beautiful leaves, pumpkin spice coffee from Starbucks, and Halloween movies.


Drop your answers in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Discussion Question #37 What Do You Like About Fall?

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  1. That summer is over. I used to love summer when I was younger now I like fall and winter. Fall: I like the colours of the leaves on the trees, the ground of parks covered in fallen leaves, fresher weather, Halloween and above all no herds of silly tourists in sight.

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  2. The temperatures start to cool down. There are days when the house can actually
    be opened up again and those fresh breezes allowed to blow though again.
    that’s life in south Florida
    Thanks for your subscription Arganise. enjoy your day, Eddie

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  3. I love the changing colors and the fresh, crisp air. I love to walk and take pictures on sunny autumn days. Although I appreciate the changing seasons, revealing nature’s wisdom in its life cycle, I don’t like winter much. So I am going to spend November in the southern hemisphere (Brazil) where it is spring, and take a cruise at the end of the long winter! Stop by my blog to read about my adventures!

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