Get Involved In Parchment

I’ve had the opportunity to be introduced to parchment a few weeks ago by my counselor and I would like to share why schools and students should get involved.

1)Parchment is a lot easier compared to a counselor’s offices pilled with students request to send their transcripts to other colleges. If you didn’t know October is college month so the counselor’s office is usually busy around this time of the year because students need their information to colleges. With parchment it creates less stress and time to handle each graduating student with the admission process.

2) It’s easier for the Students to access while college hunting. When a student submits their application to a college or university, the usual last steps to take is to send their official high school transcript and SAT scores. This will make the application process go a lot smoother and somewhat faster.

3) You, your parents, and counselor can access your transcripts electronically. Once you’ve made your parchment account, your school counselor can approve for your transcripts to  be sent to the colleges you have applied for and you can have a copy for yourself.

4) IT’S FREE! That’s right your transcripts are completely free if your school informs you that you will not be charged with any fees or if they have waived them. No more waiting on your turn in the counselors office. If you’ve already signed up for parchment or considering it as a transcript alternative go to to create an account and complete the student information.

As always everyone thank you so much for reading and have a good one.





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