My Biggest Pet Peeve

Everyone has one or more sound, action, or what not that just sets them off. Minor or major up just know you do not want to see, hear, or do it. It can give you a hot spot on the Koo-Koo train. My first pet peeve is gum on the ground, on the tables, just everywhere except the trash or in someone’s mouth. It disgusts me when I walk down the halls of my school and step in some old dirty gum or when I have a brand new pair of shoes it really upsets me. Does it really hurt to spit gum out in the trash or privately put it back in the wrapper? It really gets under my skin when gums is stuck under the table. I remember the day when my friend and I went to Wendy’s after school. We sat down at a table to eat her food, but she dropped her phone under the table. She went under the table to get it but accidentally hit her head under the table. She screamed, “I can’t move my head!” I had to get up from my seat to help her, do I pulled her chair back and gently removed her head from the table.When I finally got her head unstuck I instantly noticed a small bald spot at the top of her head and a thick lock of strawberry blond hair attached to a piece of gum. What a day that was.



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