Imagine Her

I look into her eyes and see my future and it’s all there. My future home where we will raise our future children and leave to my future career. Never have I ever thought I could ever deserve a woman this good. Tonight is the best night of my life and I hope it’s her’s too.The stars are aligned in rows of three. The whips her hair over my shoulders. I hold her like a teddy bear and love her like a husband should love his wife, correctly. When I’m with her it’s like the whole world stops and my world is no longer when I’m looking at her. She’s gold and I am just copper. I don’t even know how a guy like me could get so attached to just one girl when all of my life I’ve run through women like a race. She doesn’t even know what I’ve done and quite frankly I don’t want her to because I won’t ever have a moment like this again. A man like me deserves to be alone. I don’t know how to love, but my soul cries out for her. Only her.

Written By: Arganise Campbell-Nash


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