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  1. I’m not a fan of Ronaldo or of any modern day celebrities. They are all vacuous, over rated, overpaid and egocentric. I say this because I’ve known many. But if Ronaldo or any other celebrity would become a committed fan of me then I may consider their request of becoming a fan of me.

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    1. Yes I see your point on that, I read an article about The World’s Richest soccer players and I was blown away by how much they make and can only wonder how long has it been going on. They get made butt loads of money and ronaldo invest in a shoe line and hotel then I question what does he invest in to help others. Still I fell in love with his skills and he will never replace my #1 The legendary Pele. I can say that the new achieving soccer players have grown to be arrogant, but at the same time they use it to their advantage for good. I believe now that the “Best Footballers In The World” will soon be replaced with new generation talent. Being a soccer player should mean more than money. I play for my love and respect for the game. I think ronaldo plays the way he does because he knows he has a sun and a poor childhood that he wouldn’t want to go back to.

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