The Woman In His Jeans

Orlando Lanson the big time detective, successor, and major player. Outside on the balcony of his penthouse he stood with thoughts caught in traffic about his wife Dana who he has been happily married to for ten years and has three children with. His blonde lover slis her hands through his arms from behind to embrace his muscular figure.”Good morning” she says as she plants a kiss on his back. Orlando turns to her standing there wearing a small tank top and the same black lace panties he peeled off of her the night before.”Come relax in bed with me, I’m lonely“.she said. He just ignored her and started to the bedroom. Eager to beat him there she ran in front of him just to lay on the bed patiently. When he made it to the room, he searched for his jeans out of the pile of scattered clothes on the floor. As he pulled his jeans up to his waist she began to kiss him deeply, but he didnt kiss her back.”What’s wrong? Don’t you love me?”. He moved her hands off of his body.”No I don’t”. He aid coldly. Orlando walked out of the room leaving her there angry and disappointed.”You told me you loved me Orlando. We have been together”. she said whiningly.”Let’s get one thing straight, we were never together. I call when I want sex and afterwards we go our separate ways. 


Written By: Arganise Campbell-Nash


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