Product Review: MAC Cinderella Lipstick

Hi everyone I hope all is well, if not let’s make each day better than the last. Today’s product review is going to be on MAC rare edition Cinderella lipstick. I probably should have done this review a long time ago because this is the lipstick I rocked to homecoming. I ordered it online and recieved it a lot faster then I thought because usually when I order products from China it takes longer than a week. I ordered it two weeks prior to my last high school homecoming. The reason why I chose this lipstick is because the Cinderella lipstick line had a lot of elegant nude colors and who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess? The box that the lipstick comes in is very small but the wait and money is definitely worth it. I chose a lighter color so that It could stand out rather than blend in with my brown sugar lips. I was extremely happy with this lipstick and how it turned out on my face. If you’re like me and you want to feel like a princess on a magical night get a MAC Cinderella Lipstick and be beautiful before the clock hits twelve……and you miss your curfew.



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