Out Of His Playbook

I knew this day would come, I felt it. His lies, oh his lies, I can smell them before he speaks. How he preps to lie makes me heat up inside. “ I have to work late” he says. “ She’s just my co-worker” he says. Well, isn’t this a delight to catch both of them in action for myself. He was nothing before he had me. No job, no car, no money, no home. I fell in love with a bum and now he decides to put me on the sidelines. Little does he know that It was me all along who built this castle we live in, I run this! Okay Mr. Big and bad If you’re going to treat me like toilet paper, then I’m going to use you like a feminine wipe. I walked up my spiral staircase into the master bedroom. His suits and papers were all over the floor along with restaurant bills that he has never taken me to before. Underneath the bed I reached for a black briefcase that I stashed three years into our marriage. I never thought It would come to  this, but since it did, it’s time to let him know who I really am.

Later that day

“Baby I’m home” he screamed. The spacious was house so quiet that his voice echoed. He started for the staircase, but before he could, POP! His wife fired her gun at the chandelier that hung by the staircase. He moved away just in time before it could crush his skull. The chandelier shattered on the floor creating a glass path. She slowly moved towards him pointing the gun at him. Her furry eyes matched the leather black body suit that made her look like cat woman.

“Woman have you lost your mind?” he said in fear.

“ No, actually I’ve received  a lot of sense after being married to you for thirteen years, See you think I’m dumb. Do you see what I have In my hand? This lets you know how far from dumb I really am. Now walk to the living room we’re going to watch a movie.”

“A movie?”He asked.

“Do you really want to question me right now? I can put about four or five bullets in you right now so move!”

Her husband walked to the living room while his wife walked behind him with the gun aimed at his bald skull.

“Sit down on the couch” She said firmly.He sat down and sunk into the couch with relief that she put her hand gun down on the table.  She turned the flat screen TV on and pressed the play button. He covered his face of shame while watching the video. She stood in a powerful pose with tears running down her eyes still frowning. As each scene played she grew more anger. More tears fell, then she picked up the remote to press pause.

“Do you see what I see? A homemade film starring my husband and the office jump off! Look at this, did you enjoy that? Huh? Answer me!

“Baby I,,,,,,”

“Shut up!” Don’t baby me. I’m not your baby.

You was calling her baby right? Yeah.You know what? You don’t ever have to worry about me being your baby, your honey, your bae, or your wife because I clearly don’t mean anything to you.

You disrespected me in my own home with the trash that wasn’t even with you from the beginning. I loved you unconditionally.We are over,”


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