College Acceptance Letters!


Everyone I have some wonderful news! I probably should have shared this with you awhile ago, but I have a lot of college acceptance letters. I’m going to be honest most of the schools I’ve been accepted into, I didn’t think I would have a chance. Being unstable most of my life caused a lot of patterns in both my attendance and grades. Out of my entire high school career I’ve attended three different high schools in three different areas. That consisted of adapting to new environments, new ways of learning, and getting to know people all over again. In school I don’t have a lot of friends and it doesn’t make me sad because I felt every time I would get close to someone I had to leave them. I don’t like to be known in school or receive a lot of attention. In high school I will admit my attendance is absolutely disgusting. I would get up three hours before everyone and I would still be late, it was always something. I’m too poor to afford a car so I always had someone to take me and that was the worst. Now everyday I wake up at 4am, shower, get dressed, skip breakfast and get a ride to the bus stop. I board the bus at 6:50 and make it to the bus stop down the street from my school at 7:40am. My first hour class starts at 7:50, so I have ten minutes to run to the school building, walk upstairs to the third floor to put my things in my locker, and back downstairs to the second floor into AP Studio Art before the bell rings. Yes it’s exhausting! I do thank god for giving me a job so that I can start saving money to buy a vehicle. I’ve been doing this for two years and the money I spend on bus rides every month, is pretty much gas money.

I didn’t tell you guys that last quarter I finished with a 4.1 gpa. I care that much about myself that no matter what I’m going to make sure I know what I have to know to get where I need to go. When I had glimpsed at my official transcript I was so disappointed because I didn’t think anyone would take me with a cumulative gpa of 2.9. The instability reflected heavily. I was always late at the high school I attended my freshman year. All of my classes were college prep and I felt like the instructor moved too fast for me. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it. I failed algebra 1 and had a D and some C’s. Then my sophomore grades were a lot better, I had one B and the rest were A’s. Junior year I had straight A’s the entire year and my current year I have nothing, but A’s. I have to finish strong I stand as number 54 in our class rank out of 273 seniors.

Although I was extremely depressed after looking at the transcript, I applied to all of the colleges I always wanted to go to. My dream college is University Of Texas, but since it’s too far and out of state tuition is up the butt I didn’t go for it. My second dream college is Purdue University. I know the cost for this college is up the butt too, but I applied anyway just to see if it was an option for me. I didn’t expect to get an acceptance letter, but………….guess what? This one, yes this one got accepted. When I seen the letter, I jumped up and down and poured tears everywhere. Never would I’ve ever thought I could make it into this school.

The next week I had lots of mail with my name on it sitting on our living room table. Each one I opened was an acceptance letter. I received letters from: University Of Michigan, Central State University, Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, Ferris State University, Oakland University, Grand Valley State University, and Saginaw University.With all of these expensive colleges in my mind, I have to make sure I apply for as many scholarships as possible and use what I qualify for free on my FAFSA. I feel so powerful and even more motivated to end this year with a bang. I hope that a lot of you will celebrate class of 2017 with me. Remember anything is possible.




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