“The Poem You Will Never Read” By: Jawsome

How can you be so selfish
You’re going to hell for this
Didnt even leave a note so no one knows why you did it
When you hung yourself you left me hanging
All the bad memories replaying, replaying, replaying
I can’t get it out of my head
I keep telling myself that Its not my fault but
I know thats a lie
If I had just kept my mouth shut
You’d still be alive
This isn’t fair
I wish I didnt care
They kept calling you worthless
But you didn’t deserve this
You could’ve got help
(To fix how you felt)
You know it wasn’t right but you did it anyway
You fucked up my life
Then you took yours away
Was all the pain you caused not enough for you?
Nope, you had to this too
But theres no going back now
You’re a ghost of the past now
And I know I should be strong
And try my best to move on
Just know that every july on the 29th day
I’ll remember you, and visit you, and spit on your grave

3 thoughts on ““The Poem You Will Never Read” By: Jawsome

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  1. Suicide is rarely anyone’s fault. From outside it is a selfish, self serving act. From inside, who knows what someone thinks is more pain or consequence than they can endure. The last line, though? If they had any idea how bad it would piss everyone off they might just think twice.


    1. Hi, I wrote this. If you’re referring to how bad it would piss people off if I spit on his grave – no one even went to his funeral. He raped me and countless other girls, one being his own daughter. I was the first to speak up about it and he killed himself shortly after that.

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      1. No, I was referring to if people who offed themselves knew how bad it would piss people off maybe they’d think twice and give justice its day. Sick f**ks crave attention. They’d be more likely to stick around and take their shots if they knew no one really gave damn.


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