5 Seconds Of Summer Possible Third Album Release In 2017?




Will 5SOS come back with a third album better than “Sounds good feels Feels good”? I really hope, rumors and 5SOS teases a possible third album from the talented group this year. In a video posted by Michael Clifford on twitter, he says “We just want you to know were still alive”. That is pretty obvious since they are breathing, moving, and making noises out of there face so, our beloved Michael teases us that music will live and is in working progress. Lets not forget Ashton Irwin’s (Cough, Cough my dream husband) post captionedĀ  “Insert album Due Date 00/00/17”. Now that was certainly not over looked. As eager as I am to hear new music from them, I understand the stress the band goes through being popular internationally. The Sounds good feels good tour wore them out, you can see it in their faces. That explains the brief hiatus that the band has taken before getting back into the studio. I’m glad to see the third album in the making and the band won’t keep their fans starving. Be patient 5SOS fans.



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