Fun Holiday Family Activities

*The best part about the holidays is having fun with your family, here are some activities to enjoy with your family.*

Making Holiday Goodies!



Don’t be afraid to get mess in the kitchen, have a great time by making some holiday god with your family. Letting your family help out on delicious treats is a great way to have fun and enjoy your creations. Beware of the little ones because things can get messy! This year me and the love bug is going to try to make peppermint fluff and Christmas cookie dough dip, sounds yummy right?


Play Classic Board Games


board games

I love my PlayStation 4, but nothing beats the feeling of playing a classic board games. Get away from the technology for a bit and have some classic family fun. My favorite board game is sorry, what’s yours?


DIY Christmas Tree Slime




Oh what gooey fun this creative slime is. Kids love slime and Christmas so why not!?


DIY Christmas Ornaments




christmas ornament

Christmas is right around the corner why not get the family together to make custom tree ornaments?


Read A Story




Nothing compares to story time by the fireplace. A great book about the holidays is warming to the soul. I love literature and sharing the world of literature with my loved ones with a great book. Grab a book and get the family engaged with story time.


These are my family activities, what are yours?



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